We love celebrating Latin culture here at Cantina del Centro, and therefore, we host a variety of events in which people can gather to eat, drink and socialize.

On Saturday Nights (and for other special events), we bring in local DJs to perform a Cantina Session. These events begin around 8:00 pm and run until we close at midnight. With 2 nightclubs located in Nelson, we believe that we host the liveliest pre-parties the city has to offer.

To find out when upcoming Cantina Sessions will be taking place, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Art Program

With so many artists living in our community, we’d be silly not to showcase their talent. When you join us at Cantina del Centro you are literally transported into an art exhibit. The artwork you see on our walls is available for purchase so please inquire if you’re interested in a piece.

We strive to have different artists represented over the year. If you are a local, creative soul and would like to be considered for our art program, please contact hola@cantinadelcentro.ca to find out more about this opportunity.